7 Benefits Of Trampoline Exercise

- Feb 15, 2019-

First, discharge toxins

The human body secretes a large amount of metabolites every day, and various toxins are also produced. If you can't discharge it in time, you will get sick. The task of the skin is to sweat, and exercise can achieve the above effects. Do a trampoline exercise, as if the window is ventilated and ventilated, and the inside of the human body is cleaned once.

However, in real life, or because of busy work, or tired of life, or because of negative laziness, many people, especially middle-aged people, rarely exercise, even if they exercise occasionally, they will not reach the level of sweating. A large number of piles, the indoor trampoline in 2016, will become a global hot sport.

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Second, lose weight

The second obvious benefit is that sweating can lose weight. Among the many weight loss methods, physical exercise is undoubtedly the most effective, because when the body moves and reaches a certain intensity, the fat will be burned and converted into heat, which is excreted through the sweat, thereby playing a role in weight loss. It is also very good to have a group event on a trampoline, to meet a colleague or a friend, to take a dodgeball game.

Third, promote digestion

If you don't sweat, your blood will run slowly, it will affect your digestion, and people will not eat it. The nerve activity will be affected, which will make people sleep at night.

Fourth, enhance memory

A long-term education experiment conducted by the United States for 20,000 high school students shows that active sweating has a positive effect on students, and memory and concentration can be greatly improved.

Fifth, make men more attractive

American researchers say that the smell of sweating for men can make women feel happy and feel relaxed.

Six, skin care beauty

People who do not sweat often have slow metabolism and some waste is difficult to discharge. Sweating can clean the pores and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.