Highlights Of Stainless Steel Slides

- Feb 10, 2019-

The design highlight of the stainless steel slide is that it is not limited by height, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, it can be hovered from the top floor of the six-storey high-rise to the ground floor, cylinder slide, half-slide, straight slide Spiral S slides, cross-twisted hovering, can also customize ramp slides according to the terrain of parks and playgrounds. In the pursuit of differentiation today, it not only satisfies its own design inspiration, but also all kinds of exotic shapes can pass the shape of stainless steel slides. It is reflected and can be sought after by children and young friends.

In order to ensure the quality of the products, all parts of the slides are made of the upper-class materials on the market. The slide surface is divided into mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel. The brightness of the mirror stainless steel is better, and the stainless steel surface after drawing is more noble and heavy. 3mm thickness of the slide surface; the handrail is also made of 2.5mm thick 304 stainless steel, the welding part is argon-arc welded to prevent oxidation and absorption of harmful gases, thus forming a dense welded joint, its mechanical properties are very good, and the transparency is even, polished The rear surface is smooth and tidy, and the whole is safe and reliable.