How Can We Strengthen The Service Life Of The Trampoline?

- Feb 10, 2019-

First, weekly routine inspections, once a month, major inspections, comprehensive maintenance

1. Spring inspection (300,000 times of use): Whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; in the static state of the spring, the spring can be used without stretching, and the stretching is open, indicating that the service period has expired and needs to be replaced;

2, face check: whether there is a crack in the face, whether it is off-line, whether the splicing of the Velcro is not correctly aligned and not aligned.

3, flexible packaging: whether the surface has broken cracks, whether the seam is off the line, whether the sponge inside the soft bag is displaced (there is a shift to open the zipper to reorganize the pendulum neatly), whether the soft bag and the Velcro patch are not aligned (have The movement is not aligned and re-adhesive alignment, pulling neatly).

4, steel frame inspection: whether the screws at the fixed position are loose, whether the steel pipe is broken.

5, sponge pool: clean once a month, all the sponge blocks are removed, clean the bottom of the dirt, scrub the pool under the protection mat.

6. Between the wall and the equipment: Check if there is any wall material falling off at the link.

7. Seine net: Whether the net is loose or broken.

Two: regular disinfection of cleaning surfaces and pads

1. Wipe the wet towel: If there is a stain that requires cleaning liquid, it is best to use no foam. The towel needs to be wringed and wiped to avoid the inner liner soaking, causing harmful bacteria such as mildew inside the bladder.

2, disinfection: can be considered to use ultraviolet radiation sterilization.

Third, regular replacement of parts (dis found abnormal parts in time to repair and replace)

Fourth, the bottom of the trampoline steel frame can not be stacked.

Fifth, all parts must maintain part of the inventory (such as kneading, spring)

Six, customers are not allowed to play with hardware and sharp items (such as keys, etc.)

In the case where it is not found, further safety hazard measures of the equipment are made according to the actual situation. Actually, according to the on-site passenger flow, maintenance and repair time can be shortened.