How To Buy Children's Combination Slide Equipment

- Feb 10, 2019-

Children's combination slide equipment is divided into two kinds: toy slide and large slide. The price of toy slide is between 300 and 1000 yuan. Large indoor and outdoor slides are available from 3000 to 50000 yuan, and the matching will be different.

The combination slide equipment adopts Indonesian Hongshan eucalyptus products. The wood texture is staggered, the structure is uniform, the material density is high, and the whole is dried and then processed and formed. After at least three times, the fireproof and anticorrosion treatments are specially treated, and the stability and weather resistance are good. The concealed connection part is connected with iron to further enhance its safety and service life. Natural, environmentally friendly, elegant and bright, the overall feeling is full of color, very entertaining and safe.

Purchase children's slide equipment to go to a qualified unit to purchase slides: quality certified companies and environmental certification units, national safety certification units. When buying a slide, don't just look at the price and image, only the wrong one, there is no wrong sale. Some commercial households return materials or sub-materials to replace raw materials or add other substances to raw materials. When purchasing a slide, choose a well-qualified and qualified unit to purchase a children's slide. The quality should be placed first.