How To Choose The Material Of The Playground Equipment?

- Jan 02, 2019-

Plastic material: It has the advantage that children are less likely to be injured when using it. At the same time, the rich color of the playground equipment of plastic materials will make children more attractive. The wooden material: its advantages are natural and non-toxic. The raw materials are cheap, and can be flexibly assembled according to the requirements of the playground equipment. The disadvantage is that the life is shorter than other materials such as metal; rubber material: it has the advantage of strong plasticity, can be molded into a wide variety of facilities, rich in color, round corners can be rounded according to the requirements of playground equipment Assemble the combination. At the same time, the disadvantages include not easy to recycle, easy to degumming or fading, etc.; metal materials: common metal materials are galvanized sheet, stainless steel. 

The advantages are sturdy and durable, the surface can be smoothed or matte slip-proof, and the playground equipment is easy to assemble. Disadvantages If the processing is not good, there will be hard edges and corners, which will cause great harm to children's safety.

Playground equipment is used by children, so you should pay special attention to safety issues when selecting materials, as well as safety issues during operation. Safety equipment for playground equipment should be fully equipped.