Things To Keep In Mind When Children Play Slides

- Jan 31, 2019-

1, in the adult's assistance to slide down: When the baby can sit independently, Mom and Dad can take the baby to play the slide. Dad or mother hugs the baby on the slide, hands on the baby's armpits and slides down from the top. The mouth says, "Hey, the plane is flying." When the baby played a few times, with the experience, Mom and Dad just need to put the baby. Put it on the slide, my mother kneels at the bottom of the slide, and Dad stands next to the slide to look after the baby and let the baby slide down.

2, the baby can swing and walk, Mom and Dad can bring the baby to play a low, gentle slide. Mother hands on the baby's arm, help the baby climb to the top of the slide, encourage the baby to slide down (Dama and mother can not force the baby, check whether the sides of the slide can be lubricated before sliding, can be smudged).

3, the baby independently play the slide: When the baby can play a tall slide, let the baby climb the slide, and then slide down.

4, play with the companion slide: Mom and Dad take the baby to the children's paradise to play slides with the small companions, guide the baby to actively interact with the companions, and cultivate the quality of the baby's resignation.