Water Park Equipment Management Regulations

- Jan 02, 2019-

Adequate lifeguards are required. Lifeguards must comply with the regulations of relevant departments, master life-saving knowledge and skills through special training and take on duty with certificates; report weather changes to tourists at any time, set up safe places to shelter from wind and rain or other protective measures for tourists; ensure that there is no water, no broken glass and other sharp objects on the ground of water park equipment; set up duty rooms, equipped with duty personnel, and set up protective measures. 

Medical clinics, equipped with medical personnel and emergency equipment capable of first aid work; safe use of chemicals, cleaning the bottom of the pool once a day before business, salvaging floating debris on the surface; daily regular inspection of water quality, water quality should meet the requirements; when opening night venues, its main passageways and public venues should be equipped with adequate lighting equipment, children wading pools, children wading pools. The surface illumination of the slide pool is not less than 75 LX and that of other amusement pools is not less than 50 LX.

In the process of recreation, we should pay close attention to the safety status of tourists, timely remind tourists to pay attention to safety matters, and timely correct the behavior of tourists who do not meet the safety requirements. Eliminate potential safety hazards. If some recreational activities require tourists'health conditions or are not suitable for the participation of certain diseases or patients, they should be announced by "warning" at the entrance of the activity. 

Before or after a swimming pool or slide is used for amusement, it must be showered and disinfected by soaking feet; each water amusement project should set up a monitoring platform, with a special person on duty, the number and location of the monitoring platform should be able to see the whole pool range; for areas prone to danger, there should be a clear warning sign to alert tourists; and the amusement rules and tourists of various water amusement park equipment should be published in clear locations. It should be noted that operators and service personnel should publicize matters needing attention to tourists at any time, and set up broadcasts to repeatedly publicize, remind tourists to pay attention to safety, stop dangerous behavior of tourists and prevent accidents from happening.