What Inspections Do You Need To Do To Get A Trampoline Park?

- Jan 20, 2019-

In recent years, along with the rapid development of China's economy, China's annual expansion of children's equipment has been put into use at a rate of more than 20%. At present, the total number of children's expansion equipment in China has reached more than 20,000. Large-scale children's expansion equipment is mainly distributed in sensitive areas such as political and economic centers, economically developed areas and tourist resorts. The public is widely involved, and the target population of passengers is also covered by young children, young people, children, families and so on.

At present, China's children's expansion equipment is new and old, coexisting with advantages and disadvantages, and the quality of safety is uneven. There are both inferior products produced by domestic and foreign family factories, as well as the latest products at home and abroad. Due to the market demand and the profit-seeking nature of the production enterprises, children's expansion equipment is driven to become higher, faster and more stimulating. As a result, children's expansion equipment is constantly being introduced, and the forms are complicated and large-scale; the combination of sports forms; technology Integrated high mechatronics. This kind of development trend can not only bring joy to the tourists, but also because some products or technologies lack sufficient durability and reliability test, leaving a safety hazard. In addition, more than a quarter of the children's expansion equipment used for the old equipment with a maturity of 20 years. These old equipment are inherently of poor quality. After years of continuous operation, the steel structure and the main mechanical parts are fatigued. The electrical system and the foundation of the foundation are aging. If the maintenance is improper, some old ones may not have the possibility of overall failure.

All of the above, all show that production quality control, use of operation self-inspection, external supervision and inspection are important means to ensure the safe and reliable operation of children's expansion equipment, and are indispensable. However, unfortunately, due to the current complicated situation of the expansion of children's equipment in China, the safety main responsibility of the children's expansion equipment production units and users is not effectively implemented. The integrity mechanism of the industry has not been fully established, coupled with the inertia of the planned economy. As the government's technical institutions, the supervision and inspection is often regarded as the only means to ensure the safe operation of children's expansion equipment. Nevertheless, as a design of safety technology supervision mechanism, children's extended equipment inspection agencies and inspectors have an unshirkable responsibility in ensuring the safety of children's expansion equipment, which can be said to be the last of children's expansion equipment safety. A line of defense. Therefore, how to do a good job in supervising and inspecting children's extended equipment, ensuring the quality of inspections, maximizing problems, and preventing personal injury and death of amusement facilities have become problems that children's extended equipment inspection agencies and inspectors cannot avoid.