What Is The Difference Between A Large Children's Slide And A Small Children's Slide?

- Feb 15, 2019-

Mainly the size of the slides and the design of the applicable places and shapes: the size of the large slides produced by the company is mainly: 8-10 meters, mainly suitable for larger communities, schools, kindergartens and parks. For older children to have fun. The size of the small children's slides is mainly: about 5 meters and below, mainly used for kindergartens, for smaller children to play, and we also have different design of the product, like large-scale design. The slides are more curved with multi-pipe design. The height of the slides is much richer than that of small ones. The small children who play are younger. For the safety of children, they are designed to be larger than the large ones. And the size has been reduced.

The large slides are mainly suitable for children aged 4-14. The small slides are mainly suitable for children aged 3-10 years old. Because the facilities are designed for children, it is only suitable for children to play, no adult to play, otherwise It may damage the facility and cause insecurity.

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