What Is The Difference Between Operating Indoor And Outdoor Amusement Equipment?

- Jan 20, 2019-

1. Different venues determine the difference you choose. . The venue requirements are different, one indoors and one outdoor. The cost of a natural rental site is different. In the same area where the level of economic consumption is similar, the indoor rent is generally higher. The cost of outdoor amusement equipment rental venues is relatively low, because the economic value of outdoor is not as high as indoors. Indoor interior decoration is a cost, and these expenses can be saved outdoors. Of course, indoor playgrounds are not affected by the weather. Whether it is raining or snowing, or the heat is cold, indoor amusement equipment can be opened as usual. The outdoor is affected by these factors.

2. The choice of play equipment will also be different. Generally, the amusement equipment selected outdoors is wider. Some small amusement equipment, children's play equipment, medium-sized amusement equipment, and large amusement equipment are all available. The equipment selected for indoor amusement equipment has certain limitations. Under normal circumstances, medium-sized amusement equipment and large amusement equipment are not suitable for indoors, too high, too wide and too heavy. Only those small amusement equipment, children's play equipment, naughty castles, and some theme-based amusement equipment can be selected. Indoor play equipment is more oriented to the exquisiteness and appeal of the equipment.

3. The difference in business philosophy. General indoor amusement equipment, the usual marketing means such as: handling membership cards, divided into gold card silver card ordinary card, card level is different, enjoy the same strength. Or: recharge type. How much does it cost to charge? This will also make visitors feel affordable. Thereby pulling the customer group. Will form a fixed consumer base. And the means of operation of outdoor play equipment. There are also, but not many, ways to use this approach. They are generally the usual marketing. Buy a ticket, a ticket for a device, buy it separately, or a coupon. A few tickets for a few devices. There are also some operators who will offer discounts on some group buying platforms. This is also a marketing tool for outdoor play equipment. The consumer groups of outdoor play equipment are not fixed by the indoor consumer group.